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Our DNA is the common thread that runs through our firm worldwide.

It’s formed over many years, as teams joined the firm and offices were established in different locations, united by a shared purpose and common vision. It guides the way we work and deliver for our clients firmwide. Essentially, it guides who we are.

It is not simply about being a good (or great!) place to work - our DNA is the primary factor in why we can and do deliver exceptional advice for our clients, as well as attracting and retaining some of the best lawyers and business professionals in the world. 

This common thread is underpinned by a set of behaviours that pinpoint what we expect of ourselves on an everyday basis - what makes us special today and what promises to fuel our growth tomorrow. It is something we must nurture and grow, to help us all succeed.

Our DNA defines us at our best, and we are at our best when…

We are truly collegiate

As one team worldwide, we succeed as a firm by sharing and collaborating across teams,  and offices – to deliver truly exceptional advice and service. 

We are super curious

Our people are actively and intellectually engaged in the complexities, context and commercial implications of their work. It makes them stand out as exceptional lawyers and business professionals. 

We are big on trust

The foundation of our firm is trust. Trusting people to take responsibility, to work flexibly, to deliver exceptionally. Trust is empowering, allowing you to be yourself and fulfil your potential. 

We are full of respect

Our people respect and support their colleagues, and truly value their difference. They are generous with their time, always happy to help each other, and always take steps to be inclusive. 

We are always evolving

We have always been a forward-looking law firm - from taking a sector approach to creating one firm internationally. We’ll celebrate success; but we don’t dwell on it. We’re keen to improve, evolve and take on the next big thing.