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The ability to help isn't always enough. In today's world what's needed is time. We believe pro bono is time well spent.

For us pro bono isn’t an add on. We are passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives, and giving back to the communities we work within.

We give pro bono our time, consideration, and full expertise. Because our culture is focused on making it possible. Possible for our people, our clients, and our communities. And we believe we can open up possibilities for individuals and organisations in need, by contributing the time, legal expertise, skills, and resources needed to progress their cause.

It’s all the more satisfying when we can work together, with our clients and other key stakeholders to foster and develop collaborative opportunities that have a greater positive social impact as a result.

Find out more on our initiatives below

Firmwide Initiatives

Our Sports Group has acted pro bono in a number of matters for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)


Our French office is providing pro bono legal assistance to the Urgent Identity Africa Fund


In August 2019, Michael Gassner and Marijana Bilos in our Munich office organised and presented a training event for Start Right


For 10 years now, the Polish Bird & Bird team has been supporting the PRO BONO Centre, a programme run by the Foundation of University Law Clinics.


We are the long term legal counsel to a number of prominent industry associations in Singapore, whose work spans sustainable development, climate mitigation and other worthy causes


The UAE offices have also donated a meal on behalf of each employee towards the 10 Million Meals campaign


We have a long-term relationship with the South Westminster Legal Advice Centre (SWLAC)

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