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Data privacy increasingly touches all aspects of a business, perhaps none more so than HR and employee management where those responsible will necessarily be handling and managing significant amounts of personal, and often fairly sensitive, data.

It is increasingly important for HR, Human Capital and Talent teams to have a good understanding of privacy matters and how these impact their day-to-day activities, as well as anticipating the implications of developments within the business. It’s also crucial for data protection and privacy teams to understand the influences of employment law on the processing of HR data.

As those working in this field will know, many aspects of data privacy are relevant to their daily functions, including conducting pre-employment screening, using HR management systems and storing personnel files, advising on employee management processes and responding to subject access requests, amongst other common activities. To put it simply, getting it wrong can have significant consequences.

Our microsite is intended to bring together key resources for HR and privacy teams in tackling key data-related issues in the employment context, from country specific analysis and a comparison tool, to cross-border and regional focus pieces to help you understand HR data from every angle. We look at the real-life issues facing HR and privacy teams, such as diversity, staff monitoring and business protection, and the gig economy, flexible working and remote working arrangements, taking into account both data privacy and employment considerations.

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