Haluaisitko työskennellä kansainvälisessä asianajotoimistossa, jossa pääset edustamaan maailmanlaajuista asiakaskuntaa ja Suomen innovatiivisimpia yrityksiä? Katso avoimet työpaikat.


Be at the forefront of change. Be ambitious. Be with us. Uncover a world of possible.

Would you like to work in a truly international environment where cooperation, quality and innovation play a key role? Would you like to grow and develop as a professional and as an individual?

With us you will get the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging assignments together with experienced and knowledgeable colleagues in our offices around the globe.

You will join a team of colleagues who roll up their sleeves and get on board - a team of good people to do business with.

Discover what’s possible for you at Bird & Bird.

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Our DNA defines us at our best, and we are at our best when… 

We are truly collegiate.

As one team worldwide, we succeed as a firm by sharing and combining across teams and offices - to deliver truly exceptional advice and service. 

We are super curious.

Our people are actively and intellectually engaged in the complexities, context and commercial implications of their work. It makes them stand out as exceptional lawyers and business professionals.

We are big on trust.

The foundation of our firm is trust. Trusting people to take responsibility, to work flexibly, to deliver exceptionally. Trust is empowering, allowing you to be yourself and fulfil your potential. 

We are full of respect.

Our people respect and support their colleagues, and truly value their difference. They are generous with their time, always happy to help each other, and always take steps to be inclusive. 

We are always evolving.

We have always been a forward-looking law firm - from taking a sector approach to creating one firm internationally. We’ll celebrate success; but we don’t dwell on it. We’re keen to improve, evolve and take on the next big thing.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We like to see you being you.

We know an inclusive culture, alongside a diverse workforce, makes us more innovative and dynamic. The ability to connect the dots and leap to inspired solutions can't be underestimated. So, we stay curious, shut down silos and work in truly international teams. And by giving our people a voice we give our clients access to a whole world of expertise.

We’re committed to treating everyone with kindness and respect. And creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to be their unique selves and thrive at all stages of their career.

To enhance inclusion, understanding oneself and others is key. We want to support our employees to prosper at work and in life, so we provide tools for better self-knowledge: and understanding of different personality and communication styles.

School Collaboration

We believe that the legal community in Finland could benefit from more diversity, as it brings new perspectives and voices to the conversation.

To contribute to this long-term development, we are collaborating with two diverse comprehensive schools, Kannelmäki and Vesala in Helsinki, to inspire children at a young age to choose law as a profession. We visit the schools to talk about the legal profession and give 8th and 9th graders, 14–15-year-old children, the opportunity to do a 1-2 week long TET traineeship at our Helsinki office.

We have had a diverse group of girls and boys as TET trainees, and we also hope to reach children who would not have thought of law as their career choice. The scheme has brought many meaningful conversations and we hope it helps to encourage the kids in working towards their goals.

Global D&I


The shift to a more sustainable way of doing business needs people who embrace change and spark innovation. We’re up for the challenge, are you?

Sustainability is a core strategic initiative for us – It’s vital to our people, our clients and our planet. We embrace the step change needed to transform our business; not just minimising our environmental impact but, as a global citizen, making a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future. 

We believe that technology can be a force for good. Our work with some of the world’s most cutting-edge companies gives us first-hand insight into the innovative approaches that create a new blueprint for sustainable living, so where possible we apply this to our own firm too.

We routinely manage our buildings responsibly, consider the impact of business travel, reduce waste and consumption, and recycle wherever we can. More importantly, we commit to business decisions that support our sustainability pledges alongside our long-term economic growth strategies.

Global Sustainability

Pro Bono

The ability to help isn't always enough. In today's world, more often than not, what's needed is time. We believe Pro Bono is time well spent.

For us Pro Bono isn’t an add on. We are passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives, and giving back to the communities we work within

We give Pro Bono our time, consideration, and full expertise. Because our culture is focused on making it possible. Possible for our people, our clients, and our communities. And we believe we can open up possibilities for individuals and organisations in need, by contributing the time, legal expertise, skills, and resources needed to progress their cause.

It’s all the more satisfying when we can work together, with our clients and other key stakeholders to foster and develop collaborative opportunities that have a greater positive social impact as a result.

Global Pro Bono

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our community. We take pride in being a responsible employer and an active player in our community.

We work with great clients doing great things. Things that have a real impact on the way the world does business, and how we all live.

We work alongside our clients to champion initiatives that make an impact on the community around us. And our people dedicate time through volunteering and fundraising, and partner with charities across the world to truly amplify our impact.

We take pride in being a responsible employer and an active player in our community supporting both children, youngsters and elderly people through schools and wellbeing organisations.

Global CSR

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Bird Benefits

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Our 50/50 approach to working at the office and working from home allows you to find the right balance and to deliver at your best. Supporting you, our business and our clients in a flexible way

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Progress your career and personal development through our development programmes – from Nordic Professional Development Programme to global mentoring and coaching opportunities

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Equip yourself with a broad range of technical and business skills as well as a deep understanding of business issues through our technical skills-based training courses

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A comprehensive benefits package which allows you to tailor your benefits to your current needs eg. broad occupational health care services, bike benefit, support for sick child


Future Leaders

The support we provide to aspiring cohorts of diverse potential leaders of the firm is demonstrated through our Future Leaders programme.

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Learning & Development at Bird & Bird

We know you’re looking for support to be the best lawyer or business services professional you can be.

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Nordic Professional Development

When you join our firm in one of our Nordic offices you will have access to a wide learning offering through our Nordic Professional Development Programme.

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Working at Bird & Bird

tuukka korhonen module

This work is about trust between you and your customer. What I really like in my practice area, Real Estate, is that it's really concrete. It includes both development projects and transactions ̶ and a lot more. 

Tuukka Korhonen Counsel

teea kemppinen module

My greetings to the young women studying law today is that you can have it all. I’m the first lawyer in my family. 

Teea Kemppinen Partner

juuso pyy module

I like my job because I get to work with so many different clients and legal matters. There is also a lot to learn. One thing I really appreciate is that the firm is truly international. I work with my European and overseas colleagues on a weekly basis, and we meet regularly with our overseas colleagues.

Juuso Pyy Counsel


Maija Fast

Maija Fast

HR Manager

Päivi Ritatörmä

Päivi Ritatörmä

HR Specialist

Anna Korsoff

Anna Korsoff

HR Coordinator