Women and Equalities Committee: Report on Health Barriers for Girls and Women in Sport

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It is clear that interest in women’s sport continues to grow, with the industry estimated to reach £1 billion in 2024. Nevertheless, many women still face significant barriers to participation in sport. On 5 March 2024, the Women and Equalities Committee (WEC) of the UK Parliament published a report on the health and physiological barriers to sport faced by women throughout their life (the Report). From June to November 2023, the WEC collected oral evidence from a panel of witnesses consisting of retired sportswomen (with backgrounds in cycling, netball, rowing, and rugby), national governing bodies such as England Netball and England Hockey, key organisations including UK Sport and Sport England, and experts in women’s health and fitness. This latest article in the Women’s Sports Series explores the WEC’s findings and recommendations set out in the Report. Ultimately, the Report encourages a more streamlined approach to women’s sport through improved initiatives and collaboration of key organisations with the aim of increasing women’s participation in sport.